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Blackberry Bush Removal In Victoria, BC

Blackberry bushes, also known as Himalayan blackberry is an invasive species widespread on Vancouver Island. The District of Saanich states “Himalayan blackberry is an aggressive invasive plant that can quickly turn naturally open areas into dense thickets of impenetrable brambles.” Blackberry thickets can produce 7,000-13,000 seeds per square meter. Blackberries have an extensive root system that sprouts new plants as far as 20 feet away. Blackberries send out long vines that take root and create new plants.

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5 Reasons Your Rhododendron Is Not Blooming - And How To Fix It

Your rhododendron may not have bloomed due to being pruned at the incorrect time of year. Rhododendron buds grow for 10 months before blooming into flowers, so if the rhododendron is pruned during this period the buds will be cut off. If you did this, do not despair, it will just take another year before you see flowers again. Rhododendrons should be pruned immediately after flowering to avoid the removal of the new buds.

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English Ivy Removal in Victoria, BC

English Ivy is an invasive species widespread on Vancouver Island. The Invasive Species Council of BC states “English ivy is an evergreen vine that is a serious, smothering invasive”.  It quickly forms a dense mat that suppresses native plants. English ivy grows rapidly and needs very little light or water once it is established, and even grows during the winter.

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Fruit Tree Pruning in Sidney, BC

There are many benefits that come from pruning your fruit trees in Sidney BC. Pruning keeps your fruit trees healthy and producing quality fruit. Proper pruning is crucial for fruit trees as they tend to have a very long lifespan. Consistent pruning will help maintain a safe and healthy tree. It will also help keep the tree to your desired shape and size.

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Gorse Removal in Victoria, BC

Gorse is an invasive plant widespread on Vancouver island. Mature gorse is a dense bush with sharp spines. The British Columbia ministry of forests states that “a typical gorse shrub produces about 8000 seeds annually”. Gorse seed pods burst open and eject seeds as far as 20 feet away. Gorse can establish itself quickly and will often create a carpet of individual plants that completely takes over a large area.

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