Tree Pruning and Removal

Vancouver Island is home to a huge range of tree species and our team has the experience and knowledge to care for them. Pruning ensures a healthy branch structure and attractive shape is achieved, it is also very important to reclaim and maintain views, increase sunlight and improve health.

Houses and structures are often damaged by falling trees or limbs; it is much less costly to have your trees serviced first.

Our crew is skilled in pruning methods such as espalier, spiral, pollarding and coppicing.

We care for fruit trees, flowering shrubs, large conifers and all other landscape plants.

Shrub Pruning and Shearing

From magnolias to rhododendrons and everything in between, we are passionate about caring for ornamental shrubs and have the knowledge to improve their health and shape.

Our crew is skilled in pruning methods such as espalier, spiral, pollarding and coppicing.


Garden care and soil amendments

We handle garden projects from start to finish, everything from invasive removal to spring cleanups and careful pruning. Whether your garden is out of hand or just needs attention, we have you covered.

Organic matter and mulch are the most effective soil amendments to achieve a brighter and healthier garden. They create contrast, suppress weeds, release nutrients and retain moisture.

Fertilizer is another great tool and when used correctly it can drastically improve an entire landscape, we know when and how to fertilize to get the best results.

Hedge Trimming

Is your hedge out of hand? We care for all species and there is truly no hedge too big for us to tame.

We also provide annual trimming service to create the perfect shape.


Invasive plant removal and management

Blackberries, English ivy and Scotch broom are all common invasives on southern Vancouver Island. These plants take over land and choke out native vegetation, if not dealt with quickly invasive plants can cause costly damage and reduce property value.

We will first remove and treat invasives, followed by 2 to 3 subsequent visits to ensure the plant will not regrow.

Grounds Maintenance & Contract Services

We perform a comprehensive assessment of the lawns, gardens, shrubs, trees and hardscapes to build a plan for the specific property. We take care of everything needed to produce and maintain a vibrant and healthy landscape. Within 24 hours of assessment we provide a report outlining the restoration and maintenance needed. Customer input will be used to design a specific level of care.

Grounds maintenance services include, lawn cutting, aeration, over-seeding, periodic pruning, hedging, tree care, fertilization, mulching, leaf cleanup, irrigation maintenance and weekly upkeep to achieve a clean and vibrant landscape.

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