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Ascent Yard Care provides arborist and garden services to Greater Victoria and beyond. Our dedicated team is proud to provide comprehensive service from start to finish. Each customer receives a free in-person assessment and quote by Jake, owner and arborist.

For over a half a decade, we’ve helped clients showcase outstanding gardens, trees and hedges. From day one, our focus has been to offer our clients a next level experience. We take the time to understand our customers' needs so we can provide the best and most effective service for every situation.

We provide both on-demand service and ongoing maintenance. As a maintenance client you get the same skilled team tending to your property every visit, free garden waste disposal, priority service for design and projects, and free checkups from your Arborist and Horticulturalist.

Jake Innes
Owner / Arborist
Sam Ross

All personnel insured with $5m of liability and WCB.

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As a maintenance client you get the same skilled team tending to your property every week, free garden waste disposal, priority service for design and projects, and free checkups from your Arborist and Horticulturalist. Maintenance is available only to clients with large gardens.

Keeping lawns cut and cared for, gardens weeded, trees pruned and hedges trimmed. Our electric tools keep noise to a minimum.

Lawn Care

Lawns are prone to deterioration over time, developing weeds and brown patches. However, it doesn’t need to be this way. Weekly mowing, edging, and health management encourage lush lawns free of weeds.

Lawns thrive year after year with best practices like aerating, de-thatching, top-dressing, fertilizing, weed control, seeding, and mowing. Available only to maintenance clients.


Hedge Trimming

Tired of uneven hedges, overgrowth and brown spots? Trimming twice annually and feeding hedges properly renders lush, uniform, and symmetrical hedges.

With tools kept clean and sharp, we ensure maximum precision in every trim. We skillfully work with hedges over 30 feet tall and can help you with reduction pruning on overgrown hedges.

Tree Pruning

Visually stunning trees, in harmony with their surroundings. We prune and care for small trees and towering giants alike. Trees are powerhouses, absorbing CO2, and generously gifting oxygen for decades.

We can help you with fine pruning, canopy lifting, clearance pruning, reduction pruning, fruit tree pruning, and more.



With a deep well of hands-on experience and a profound understanding of ornamental plants, we infuse every project with unmatched expertise. We specialize in layered gardens, Mediterranean gardens, and English gardens.

We source fine materials and mature plants so you can enjoy your gardens from day one. Have an idea and no one to build it? We’re your team.


Good irrigation is the cornerstone of the lawn and garden. We can help you with spring startup, sprinkler testing, water coverage optimization, repairs, and winter shutdown. Available only to maintenance clients.



Soil is the foundation of healthy plants and urban soil is often nutrient poor. We use organic materials and best practices to build healthy, vital soils. Specialized products like sea-soil and fine compost help build quality soil.

We source stones and aggregates for pathways and garden projects.


Finely shaped topiary add beautiful accents to the garden scene. We create topiary from boxwood, cypress and yew in shapes such as globes, spires, cones, columns, and cloud trees.

We approach topiary as an art - crafting shapes that create contrast and ambiance in the garden.


Plant Health Care

Sick of defoliated trees, suffering viburnums, wormy fruit, and struggling vegetables? We diagnose pests, diseases and environmental issues and apply the proper remedy on an ongoing basis to ensure your plants reach their full potential.

Nutrient deficiencies, soil compaction, pest invasions – these challenges don't stand a chance against our tailored solutions.

Seasonal Cleanups

Our garden cleanups are a deep clean, we create new borders and cultivate soil to reset garden beds back to their original form. We take garden beds that are completely over run with weeds and through a careful process make them low maintenance and weed free so you can enjoy your garden without the hassle.

We can help you with clearing, soil amendment, edge cutting, mulching, planting, and transplanting.


Vegetation Control

Protect your property from invasive plants. We remove Himalayan blackberry, English ivy, Scotch broom, bamboo, holly, daphne, and other invasive plant species. When necessary we use eco-friendly treatments to fully eradicate invasive plants with a highly precise spot treatment.

Overgrowth and dry vegetation puts you home at a higher risk of forest fire damage. We clear dead and overgrown vegetation to keep your home safe from forest fires.

Weed Control

Weed control is essential for a healthy garden. We control weeds in lawns, gardens, patios and driveways. When necessary we employ eco-friendly treatments to eradicate invasive plants with a highly precise spot treatment.

Our techniques not only stop weed growth but promote a richer, healthier environment for desired plants to flourish.



Rated 5 stars by 120 customers.

The crew from Ascent are efficient, responsive to our needs and friendly. I recommend anyone switch to Ascent for tree work, hedge trimming or other landscaping.

Doug Macdonald Google Reviews

Ascent Yard Care exceeded my expectations. The team completed more work in two days then I could have in a month. The most positive thing about Ascent is their strong communication skills and following through.

Ken Jones Google Reviews

At first, I was skeptical. Could they actually deliver on their reputation? The answer is yes. 100 times yes. We love Ascent Yard Care.

Susan Lupu Google Reviews

Ascent Yard Care's Founding Moment

Where Dreams Take Root

Ascent Yard Care's Founding Moment

At thirteen years old, I dreamed of a backyard vegetable garden. That spring in 2012 I planted my garden and failed to grow anything substantial, but I didn't give up on with my dreams, instead I sought an apprenticeship at Madrona Organic Farm under David Chambers where I worked the fields and developed my understanding of growing vegetables.

That same summer I planted my garden again and before the seasons end it was in abundance, producing more vegetables than my parents and grandparents could handle. In the photo pictured above I'm holding a leaf of kale picked on the morning of September 21st, 2012. I continued my apprenticeship with David Chambers for three summers, but before long, my inspiration became Mediterranean and West Coast ornamental gardens, so much so that I went on to study tree and plant care (arboriculture and horticulture) and after graduating I gained employment with a large company in Victoria. I had learned so much on my journey only to end up working at a company that did not practice the high standards I had learned, they did mediocre work and to me, that was not right. I was on a mission to do incredible work and spend everyday at a company that believes in quality, a company that can create incredible gardens.

In the name of my mission I gave my employer my notice and left my job behind on February 2nd, 2017. That was the day Ascent Yard Care was born. My first handful of clients loved my work and told their friends, we grew and I recruited my most qualified peers, they believed in my mission as much as me. As of writing we have been solving our customers problems with a purpose for over seven years. We continue to strive toward our mission everyday.

-Jake Innes


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