11 Must Have Garden Tools

11 Must Have Garden Tools

These 11 tools are must haves for maintaining your own garden


Gloves are essential to keep your gardening experience pleasant by protecting your hands from prickly plants and rashes.


Rakes are useful for many tasks such as cleaning up fallen leaves, levelling out dirt, clearing clippings, and more.


Wheelbarrows are very useful for moving anything in your garden such as dirt, mulch, heavy plants, and compost.


Owning multiple sizes of shovels will come in handy to dig up all sizes of plants you may have.


Loppers are a cutting tool used to cut thick branches that may be difficult to reach.

Hand Cultivator

Hand cultivators are great for loosening and aerating soil.

Hand Pruner

Hand pruners are versatile and easy to use.


Hoes are used to aerate and loosen up soil and can be better to use than a hand rake for larger areas.

Watering can

Watering cans are great to use in hard to reach areas, or when just one or two areas need to be watered.

Garden kneeler or seat

Both of these are perfect for protecting your knees and legs from getting sore and too dirty.

Dandelion weeder

Use this specialized tool for pulling up deep rooted weeds.


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