3 Beautiful Climbing Vines To Grow In Victoria, BC

3 Beautiful Climbing Vines To Grow In Victoria, BC

Climbing vines are a wonderful way to add new beauty to your garden. They can cover wall areas, fences and provide shade.

Here are some of our favourite climbers:


Wisteria flowers are usually white, purple, pink, or blue. They are absolutely beautiful and will enhance any garden space. Wisteria is sometimes grown all over a house, giving a very cottage-like look. A pergola or trellis is a wonderful way to display all the beauty of wisteria in your garden.

How to grow wisteria

New wisteria will grow best from a cutting of an established wisteria plant. It may take a few years for your young wisteria plant to bloom. Wisteria can tolerate many different types of soil, but will do best in rich, moist soil. For best results, wisteria should be in full sun. Wisteria can also tolerate drought, so it does not require frequent watering. Prune your wisteria when it goes dormant in the winter to promote continued regrowth in the spring.

Climbing Roses

There are several types of climbing roses to choose from. They can live for decades, so it’s a good idea to do your research on which type of rose you want. The Generous Gardener Rose and the Claire Austin Rose are two of our favourite varieties to grow as climbers.

How to grow climbing roses

Climbing roses will do best in full sun and moist soil with good drainage. Use garden twine to tie the roses to your chosen support such as a pergola, fence, or trellis. This will help guide them to grow in your desired direction. They will do best when grown horizontally. Fertilize each spring, and once your climbing roses are well established (usually after a couple years of growth) you can start pruning them each winter when they go dormant.


Like climbing roses, there are several varieties of clematis to choose from. Popular climbing clematis varieties are Multi Blue, Pink Champagne, and Innocent Blush. Many clematis varieties can grow very tall, making them a wonderful plant to cover a wall or pergola.

How to grow climbing clematis

Most clematis varieties grow best in full sun and moist, well-drained soil. Many clematis varieties take several years to establish themselves, so it’s best to buy a plant that’s already a couple years old from your local nursery. To keep your clematis happily blossoming, fertilize once a year in the spring. Clematis can be pruned when it starts to become overgrown.


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