5 Ways To Get Rid Of Bamboo

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Bamboo

Follow these steps to remove bamboo

Cut the bamboo canes to ground level

Loppers or a handsaw work for cutting small and medium size bamboo, large patches will require power equipment. This method works well for managing a bamboo patch, but cutting alone will not eradicate it.

Dig out the roots and rhizomes

After the canes have all been cut down to ground level it will be possible to dig out the roots and rhizomes. Bamboo rhizomes are underground canes that grow horizontally underground. The roots grow below these. Start at the outside of the bamboo patch and work inwards.


An alternative to digging out the roots and rhizomes is to mow the area regularly. If the canes have been cut to ground level and the area is flat enough to mow this is an effective alternative. Bamboo canes grow very quickly so the area will need to be mowed regularly in order for it to be effective.


Another alternative to digging is to cover the crowns in an opaque tarp or sheet of plastic. It is very important no light can pass through the covering. This will prevent the bamboo from photosynthesizing and the vines will eventually die.

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What is bamboo?

Bamboo is an ornamental and invasive plant widespread on Vancouver island. Bamboo forms dense thickets that rapidly expand in size. Bamboo patches grow an extensive root system that spreads rapidly and creates new plants as far as 20 feet away.

Why is bamboo invasive?

  • A single bamboo plant can turn into a patch containing thousands of stems
  • Bamboo spreads underground through a rapidly expanding root system that constantly sprouts new plants
  • Bamboo produces extremely vigorous and resilient growth that re-sprouts after cutting

Why is it crucial to remove bamboo?

  • A single bamboo plant can spread to form large patches that can cover several acres of land over time if left unmanaged
  • Bamboo is highly invasive
  • Bamboo crowds out native species
  • Bamboo infestations will get worse over time
  • Bamboo can harm natural waterways
  • Heavy bamboo infestation can lower property value
  • Bamboo can spread to neighbouring property
  • The spread of bamboo degrades natural areas and displaces native plants

Permanently removing bamboo

We remove all the above ground canes and bamboo with powered cutters, the cut material is hauled away. The root system is then ground out with a stump grinder.

When necessary, we employ eco-friendly treatments to eradicate bamboo. This involves cutting the plant down to the stump, then precisely treating the small new leaves that sprout. Following the treatment the root system will die. Our treatment will not kill other plants and has no soil activity or run off.

Ascent Yard Care has permanently removed hundreds of bamboo infestations since our business was founded in 2017.

Bamboo removal cost

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Won’t the bamboo just grow back?

In the worst infestations up to 2 follow up visits may be necessary to completely eradicate re-growth. Most bamboo patches we service are completely and permanently removed in one visit.


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