5 Ways To Improve Garden Soil

5 Ways To Improve Garden Soil

Improve the health of your soil

Don’t compact your soil

Compacted soil stops vital nutrients from being absorbed into a plants root system and prevents the roots system from growing and spreading out fully. Plants thrive in loose soil because roots need access to both water and oxygen in order to absorb nutrients.

Apply compost

Adding compost to your garden beds and underneath trees is a great way to give plants the natural nutrients they need. Soil in urban areas does not get the natural nutrients that are present in forests, so adding compost has a major positive impact on the growth and health of your plants.

Apply mulch

Adding mulch to your garden beds and underneath trees helps the soil retain moisture and suppress weeds. Mulch looks nice and as the mulch breaks down it will provide nutrients to your plants.

Test your soil

Soil testing kits are available at many nurseries. Testing your soil is a good way to ensure it has the right nutrients and is the right pH level for your plant’s needs.

Minimize disruption

Excessive disruption such as annual roto-tilling is not good for the soil. Loose soil has a “clump structure” where the soil balls up and forms clumps, water and air are able to pass between these clumps. Excessive tilling can break up these clumps which makes the soil more compact and leaves no room for water and air to pass through.


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