5 Ways to Remove Bamboo: Why Invasive Bamboo Is a Big Problem in Victoria, Canada

5 Ways to Remove Bamboo: Why Invasive Bamboo Is a Big Problem in Victoria, Canada

The Unseen Damage of this Rapidly Spreading Plant


Bamboo, a plant known for its rapid growth, hardiness, and aesthetic appeal, is increasingly becoming a significant concern for homeowners and environmentalists alike in Victoria, Canada. Despite its many uses, certain types of bamboo, particularly those of the 'running' variety, have turned out to be aggressive invaders, causing various ecological, infrastructural, and legal issues.

Invasion and Impact

Running bamboo species spread primarily through an extensive underground stem network known as rhizomes. These rhizomes can extend far from the original plant, producing new shoots that can easily breach property lines and rapidly take over large areas. In Victoria, where many properties are close together, this growth pattern can lead to severe problems with bamboo encroachment.

The repercussions of this invasive spread are multifold. On an environmental level, the bamboo's rapid growth and spread displace native plants, disrupt local ecosystems, and reduce biodiversity.

Infrastructure in Victoria is also at risk. Bamboo has a robust and resilient growth that can compromise home foundations, damage pavements, and even infiltrate sewage systems. The result can be extensive, expensive damage that lowers property values and incurs significant repair costs.

Legal Implications

Furthermore, the encroachment of bamboo into neighbouring properties has sparked numerous disputes among homeowners in Victoria. The affected parties may seek legal remedies, such as an injunction to stop the bamboo's spread or compensation for damage and removal costs. In a dense urban area like Victoria, such disputes can become common, leading to strained relationships among neighbours and expensive litigation.

The Victoria, BC Context

Several factors make Victoria particularly susceptible to bamboo invasion. The city's mild, rainy climate is ideal for bamboo growth, allowing it to flourish year-round. The trend toward urban gardening and the desire for fast-growing plants that provide privacy in Victoria's tightly packed residential areas have likely contributed to the popularity and subsequent problems with bamboo.

Moreover, Victoria's rich biodiversity and the emphasis on maintaining green spaces in the urban environment make the displacement of native species by bamboo a particular concern for conservation efforts.

The Way Forward

Given the issues associated with invasive bamboo, it's crucial for homeowners and local authorities in Victoria to take steps to control its spread. This could include educating the public about the risks of planting running bamboo, promoting the use of less invasive clumping bamboo species, and providing guidance on how to effectively contain or remove bamboo.

In some cases, local regulations may need to be updated or enforced to limit the planting and spread of invasive bamboo species. Homeowners who have already planted bamboo should consider removing it or taking steps to prevent its spread, to protect their property, their neighbourhood, and Victoria's valuable urban ecosystems.


While bamboo may initially seem like an attractive option for urban gardens, the reality is that its invasive nature can cause significant problems in a city like Victoria. The way forward requires education, regulation, and responsible gardening practices to ensure that the city's green spaces can be enjoyed by all, without the threat of the green invader – the bamboo.

5 Ways to Remove Bamboo:

  1. Trim the bamboo canes to ground level by using loppers or a handsaw for small and medium-sized bamboo. For large patches, power equipment might be required. While cutting alone can manage a bamboo patch, it won't completely eradicate it.
  2. Excavate the underground rhizomes and roots. Start from the outer edge of the bamboo patch and work inward.
  3. Consider mowing as an effective alternative if the canes have been cut and the ground is sufficiently flat. Bamboo's rapid growth necessitates regular mowing for successful control.
  4. When necessary, we employ eco-friendly treatments to eradicate bamboo. This involves cutting the plant down to the stump, then precisely treating the small new leaves that sprout. Following the treatment the root system will die. Our treatment will not kill other plants and has no soil activity or run off.
  5. Alternatively, you can cover the bamboo crowns with an opaque tarp or plastic sheet instead of digging. Ensure complete coverage to prevent any light penetration, which will eventually lead to the bamboo's demise.

Cost of Bamboo Removal:

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