6 Plants That Flower In Winter In Victoria, BC

6 Plants That Flower In Winter In Victoria, BC

Create a garden that blossoms all winter with these 6 plants


Camellias are beautiful flowers with many shades usually ranging in shades of pinks, whites and reds. Camellias flower in winter, adding beautiful color to your garden. Camellias lush foliage looks great all year round.


Viburnum is a shrub that prefers moist conditions and shade. Its flat clusters of small white flowers bloom in the winter, making it another fantastic option to add some subtle beauty to your garden in the winter.


Heather is a small shrub that produces beautiful purple or white flowers. Depending on the variety, heather will flower in fall, winter or spring. Heather grows wonderfully during the colder months and adds a nice pop of bright purple wherever you choose to plant them.


Dogwoods can be grown as shrubs or small trees and will typically blossom in early spring and Fall. The flowers are large and white in colour. Dogwood trees are an attractive addition to the landscape.


Hellebore or “christmas rose” are perfect to add to your garden, because they blossom beautifully and steadily from late fall to early spring. They are one of the only plants that flowers throughout the entire winter.


Magnolia flowers are most often white or pink. Magnolias come in many varieties and both evergreen and deciduous trees are available. Magnolias can grow into a small or large tree depending on the variety. Magnolias flower in early spring.


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