6 Reasons Why You Need To Prune Your Trees

6 Reasons Why You Need To Prune Your Trees

Why trees need proper pruning

Why trees need proper pruning

Most people know pruning their trees is good, even without being totally sure what the process entails or does. Before pruning your trees yourself, it’s important to understand why you’re pruning, and the benefits that will come from it. There are several methods and techniques to pruning which depend on the species, size and age of the tree. A professional will provide the best and most effective pruning.

Tree safety

Landscape trees grow differently than trees in the forest, this is why landscape trees require pruning whereas forest grown trees do not. Trees in the forest compete with one another for light, so they grow tall and skinny as they reach skyward for the sunlight. With landscape trees, the opposite is true, landscape trees have lots of space to grow, lots of available sunlight and tend to branch excessively and spread outwards. Landscape trees produce long horizontal limbs that become too heavy and can snap off. This is why landscape trees require pruning.

Tree health

Health is another reason to keep your trees pruned. Landscape trees grow crisscrossing limbs that rub against each other and promote disease. Unhealthy trees break more easily and can harbor diseases and pests. Dead branches are a hazard to the people or structures below the tree. Pruning can get rid of diseased or dead branches and continue to promote healthy regrowth.

Hazard to your property

Big and heavy tree branches and limbs are a hazard to your property, especially if the tree is close to your house or a structure. Strong winds, storms, and heavy snowfall can cause a lot of damage to even the healthiest trees, sometimes causing the entire tree to fall. Proper pruning can reduce the risk of damage and is best done by a professional arborist.


The aesthetics of a tree are also important to consider, and a good prune can go a long way to create a nice looking and well shaped tree. Overgrown trees can be an eyesore on your property, take up space and make a mess. Pruning is a good method to keep your trees looking their best.


When a tree outgrows its surroundings it will block out a lot of sunlight. This most often happens in backyards, front yards, gardens, pathways and public spaces. Pruning your trees can make way for more sunlight.

Get your trees properly pruned

Now that we’ve gone over how much there is to gain from pruning, you probably want to get started. While pruning may not sound difficult, different tree species have different requirements. There are several methods and techniques to pruning which depend on the species, size and age of the tree. Ascent Yard Care provides this service.


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