6 Ways To Get Rid of Scotch Broom

6 Ways To Get Rid of Scotch Broom

How to get rid of Scotch broom for good

Invasive Broom

Cut broom to ground level

The lower the broom is cut to the ground the less likely it is to re-grow. Cut it below the lowest branches, at or below soil level.

Do it at the right time of year

Broom is most likely to die if cut while it is flowering (bright yellow flowers). Broom flowers during spring.

Pull broom out from the roots

Small and young broom plants can be pulled out from the roots. This is easiest when the soil is soft and wet.

Be careful of spreading seeds

If the broom you are cutting has seed pods on its branches it must be disposed of properly. The seed pods will continue to ripen even after the plant is cut. So it is very important to take the plant to a disposal facility so further spreading of seeds does not occur.


We employ eco-friendly treatments to fully eradicate Scotch broom. By precisely treating small new leaves with our targeted approach, we ensure the entire root system dies within a month of treatment. Our treatments are safe and do not harm other plants or affect soil conditions, and there is no risk of run-off.


Cut the broom to ground level. Cover the area in an opaque tarp or sheet of plastic. It is very important no light can pass through the covering. This will prevent the broom from photosynthesizing and the plants and root system will eventually die after one year or more of being covered.

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Invasive Characteristics of Scotch Broom

Originally from Europe, Scotch Broom has managed to colonize various regions, such as North America and Australia, where it was intentionally introduced. Its invasive nature stems from several distinguishing traits:

  • Swift and Dominant Growth: The Scotch Broom plant adapts well to open spaces, growing rapidly and forming dense undergrowth, which outcompetes and overwhelms native vegetation.
  • Abundant Seed Production: An individual Scotch Broom plant can generate thousands of seeds that are forcibly expelled from the seed pods, scattering across a broad area.
  • Allelopathy: The Scotch Broom plant exhibits allelopathic tendencies, releasing chemicals that hinder the growth of nearby plants, thereby giving it a competitive edge.
  • Resistance to Eradication: Scotch Broom's extensive root system makes it resilient to numerous control measures, hence its elimination can be a difficult task once it's established.

Environmental Impact

The invasive nature of Scotch Broom gives rise to significant ecological consequences. By forming dense clusters, it modifies habitats, displaces indigenous plant species, and lowers biodiversity. The plant's root system secretes chemicals that alter soil composition, thereby negatively impacting native flora.

Scotch Broom's presence also has detrimental effects on local wildlife, offering substandard habitat and food resources for native fauna. This leads to the displacement of certain species and disrupts the balance within animal communities.

Economic Implications

Scotch Broom's invasive spread is not just an environmental concern, but an economic one too. It poses a serious risk to the timber industry by infiltrating timber plantations and subsequently diminishing productivity and the value of the timber. Moreover, the expenses associated with controlling and managing Scotch Broom inflict a considerable financial burden on landowners, land managers, and government agencies.

Control and Management

Despite its stubborn nature, Scotch Broom can be managed using a combined approach that includes mechanical, chemical, and biological techniques.

Cost of Broom Removal:

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Is Broom Regrowth a Concern?

For the most severe infestations, a maximum of two follow-up visits might be required to completely eliminate any regrowth. However, most broom infestations we handle are totally and permanently eradicated in just one visit.

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