Blackberry Bush Removal In Victoria, BC

Blackberry Bush Removal In Victoria, BC

Permanently Remove Himalayan Blackberry

Himalayan blackberry Victoria, BC

What are blackberry bushes?

Blackberry bushes, also known as Himalayan Blackberry is an invasive species widespread on Vancouver Island. The District of Saanich states “Himalayan blackberry is an aggressive invasive plant that can quickly turn naturally open areas into dense thickets of impenetrable brambles.” Blackberry thickets can produce 7,000-13,000 seeds per square meter. Blackberries have an extensive root system that sprouts new plants as far as 20 feet away. Blackberries send out long vines that take root and create new plants.

Why are blackberry bushes invasive?

  • Blackberries form large patches that can cover several acres of land if left unmanaged
  • Blackberries produce 7,000-13,000 seeds per square meter
  • Blackberries send out long vines that take root and create new plants. Mature plants can spread 10’ per year.
  • Blackberries spread underground through a rapidly expanding root system that constantly sprouts new plants
  • Blackberries have extremely vigorous and resilient growth

Why is it crucial to remove blackberries?

  • Blackberry infestations will get worse over time
  • Rodents nest in blackberry bushes
  • Blackberries can harm natural waterways
  • Blackberry bushes are a fire hazard due to the build up of dead leaf and stem material
  • Heavy blackberry infestations lower property value
  • Blackberries choke out native vegetation
  • Blackberry roots can destroy septic fields
  • Blackberries can spread to neighbouring property

Permanently removing blackberry bushes

We remove all the above ground vines and blackberry material with gas powered cutters, the cut material is cleaned up and hauled away. We then grind out the blackberry stumps and root material using a stump grinder.

An alternative method is the use of herbicide. With this method, the blackberry bushes are cut to ground level with gas powered cutters, the cut material is cleaned up and hauled away. Two months later the blackberry bushes will have sprouted new shoots and new foliage. This new foliage will be treated with herbicide. Following the herbicide treatment the root system will die. Our herbicide will not kill other plants and has no soil activity or run off.

Grinding out the root material and herbicide treatment are both effective options for eliminating blackberry bushes.

Ascent Yard Care has permanently removed hundreds of blackberry infestations since our business was founded in 2017. We carry a license from the province of BC for landscape herbicide application.

Blackberry bush removal cost

Contact us for a free in-person quote in Victoria, BC and Jake will provide an exact work order and quote.

Won’t the blackberries just grow back?

In the worst infestations, up to 2 follow up visits may be necessary to completely eradicate re-growth. Most blackberry patches we service are completely and permanently removed in one visit.

Expert Help:

Contact us for a free quote in Victoria, BC, we care intensely about the success of each project.

Want to try removing blackberry bushes yourself? Follow these tips:

Cut the vines to ground level

Loppers, a hand saw, or garden shears will work for small blackberry bushes, large patches will require power equipment. Cutting works well for managing blackberry bushes, but cutting alone will not eradicate the blackberry bushes.

Dig out the stumps

After the vines have all been cut down to ground level the blackberry stump will be exposed. The stump is where the vines are sprouting out of the ground and is the most important part of the plant to remove. Use a pickaxe to remove the stump. A general rule of thumb is to dig out 1 cubic foot of soil around where the vines enter the ground.


An alternative to digging out the crowns is to mow the area regularly. If the vines have been cut to ground level and the area is flat enough to cut with a lawnmower this is an effective alternative. Blackberry vines grow very quickly so the area will need to be mowed weekly in order for this method to be effective.


Be sure to read and follow all the instructions on your herbicide label. It is best to have a licensed professional apply herbicide. Natural methods such as vinegar will not kill blackberries. The only effective blackberry bush killer is a herbicide.


Another alternative to digging is to cover the crowns in an opaque tarp or sheet of plastic. It is very important no light can pass through the covering. This will prevent the blackberry bushes from photosynthesizing and the vines will generally die after being covered for one full year.

Expert Help:

Contact us for a free quote in Victoria, BC, we care intensely about the success of each project.

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