English Ivy Removal in Victoria, BC

English Ivy Removal in Victoria, BC

Permanently Remove English Ivy

English ivy

What is English Ivy?

English Ivy is an invasive species widespread on Vancouver Island. The Invasive Species Council of BC states “English Ivy is an evergreen vine that is a serious, smothering invasive”.  It quickly forms a dense mat that suppresses native plants. English ivy grows rapidly and needs very little light or water once it is established, and even grows during the winter.

Why is English Ivy invasive?

  • A single ivy plant can spread to form large patches that can cover several acres of land if left unmanaged
  • Ivy climbs trees and shrubs and engulfs their branches eventually leading to death
  • Ivy has extremely vigorous and resilient growth

Why is it crucial to remove English Ivy?

  • Ivy can kill trees and shrubs
  • Ivy invades forests and prevents forest re-growth
  • Ivy infestations will get worse over time
  • Ivy crowds out native species
  • Rodents nest in mats of ivy
  • Ivy can restrict natural waterways
  • Heavy ivy infestation lower property value
  • Ivy can spread to neighbouring property

Permanently removing English Ivy

We remove all the above ground vines with gas powered cutters. All cut material is hauled away. We then pull out or dig out the ivy roots.

An alternative method is the use of a herbicide. With this method the foliage will be treated with a herbicide, the ivy vines and root system will die within 1-2 months. The vines will then be cut to ground level with gas powered cutters. All cut material is hauled away. Our herbicide will not kill other plants and has no soil activity or run off.

Ascent Yard Care has permanently removed hundreds of English Ivy patches since our business was founded in 2017. We carry a license from the province of BC for landscape herbicide application.

English Ivy removal cost

Contact us for a free in-person quote in Victoria, BC and Jake will provide an exact work order and quote.

Won’t The English Ivy just grow back?

In the worst infestations up to 2 follow up visits may be necessary to completely eradicate re-growth. Most Ivy patches we service are completely and permanently removed in one visit.

Expert Help

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Want to try removing English Ivy yourself? Follow these tips:

Cut the vines growing up trees

Sever the vines at the base of the tree. Be sure to cut the vines all the way through but not to cut into the tree. Small vines can be cut with hand clippers, larger vines will need to be cut with lopers or a hand saw. Once the vines are severed, the ivy above the cut points will die over the course of 3-8 weeks. The dead vines can be left on the tree.

Cut ground ivy

Cut the vines growing on the ground with loppers, hand clippers or power equipment like a brush cutter. This part of the process can be difficult if the ivy infestation is mature.

Dig out the roots

Use a pickaxe or shovel to remove the root material. Pulling out the vines by hand will also remove root material.


An alternative to digging out the crowns is to mow the area regularly. If the area is flat enough to mow this is an effective alternative. Ivy vines grow very quickly so the area will need to be mowed weekly in order for it to be effective.


Be sure to read and follow all the instructions on your herbicide label. It is best to have a licensed professional apply herbicide. Natural methods such as vinegar will not kill ivy. The only effective ivy killer is a herbicide.


Another alternative to digging is to cover the vines in an opaque tarp or sheet of plastic. It is very important no light can pass through the covering. This will prevent the ivy from photosynthesizing and the vines will die after one full year of covering.

Expert Help

We provide permanent english ivy removal services in Victoria, BC and we care intensely about the success of each project. Contact us for a Free Quote.

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