Fruit Tree Pruning in Sidney, BC

Fruit Tree Pruning in Sidney, BC

We provide fruit tree pruning in Sidney BC

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There are many benefits that come from pruning your fruit trees in Sidney, BC. Pruning helps increase fruit production and improves the quality of the fruit. The removal of old wood allows for this to happen, as air circulation improves, and the tree can put its resources towards healthy new growth. Pruning will also help prevent disease and pests, by removing infected areas and allowing more sunlight to reach all branches which discourages the growth of fungi and other harmful organisms. Pruning will also make it easier to harvest the fruit, and will keep it to your desired shape and size. Proper pruning is crucial for fruit trees as they tend to have a very long lifespan.

Annual fruit tree pruning

The ideal frequency of pruning your fruit trees depends on some factors such as maturity, variety, its health, and your desired outcome. In many cases, annual pruning is appropriate for most fruit trees. We recommend having a professional take a look at your fruit trees to determine the best plan for pruning. Our team re-visits several properties each year for annual fruit tree pruning.

Fruit tree pruning with Ascent

Jake, owner and arborist, will start by coming to your property to assess your fruit trees to determine what kind of pruning is required. Our team is trained on hard pruning and fine pruning methods. Rest assured your fruit tree will be pruned with the right tools and with care. We want to see your fruit trees thrive!

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