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How To Get Rid Of Bamboo - Victoria, BC

Loppers or a handsaw work for cutting small and medium size bamboo, large patches will require power equipment. This method works well for managing a bamboo patch, but cutting alone will not eradicate it.

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Invasive Plant Removals in Victoria, BC

Invasive species can be very difficult to remove permanently, making it frustrating to deal with when it begins to spread, choke out native species, and become an eyesore, among other things. Often, when attempting to remove invasive species on your own it is not completely eradicated, leaving it with the opportunity to grow back.

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Scotch Broom Removal

Scotch Broom is an invasive species widespread on Vancouver Island. The Coastal Invasive Species Committee states “Over 10,000 seeds can be produced per plant. Seed capsules explode and distribute seeds up to 21 feet away from the source plant.” Scotch Broom quickly invades new areas and disrupts the natural environment.

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What Are Girdling Roots?

Girdling roots occur when the roots of a tree circle the base of the trunk. As the girdling roots continue to grow they will strangle the base of the tree. When this happens it is not good, because it cuts off the flow of nutrients up and down the tree. Girdling roots will often lead to a slow death of the plant.

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5 Reasons There Are Holes In Your Plant Leaves

Finding holes in your plant leaves can be disappointing. It is often unclear how the holes happened and is a frustrating task to figure out how to prevent it from continuing. Many holes are caused by insects and diseases which actually leave signs that can help you determine the cause.

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